Comments and Reflections

“Here at Links to Learning we are constantly looking for service providers who can help the young people we work with in developing and growing into more aware and responsible teenagers.

The guys at Leading Edge have been amazing at adapting and understanding the needs of our program and of our young people. Leading Edge’s life skills development program was a perfect fit for us. Both, young people and staff benefited from the activities provided. It was a perfect way to share a positive experience with our groups and further develop positive relationships while gaining useful insights about leadership, team work, body language, confidence and other indispensable life skills and qualities”. 


Program Manager, Links to Learning (Business Education Network)

I couldn’t love the Be You program any more! As a parent I loved the easy access, creativity & diversity for my daughter. She LOVES it and races to take part. She has learned real life skills like self-esteem & resilience in such a beautiful, relatable way. Love it all!


Parent (11 year old daughter)

“My experience working with the Leading Edge Program has been amazing, the staff and horses make this program fun, challenging and truly a memorable experience for myself and our young people here at Links to Learning. The sheer size, weight and personality of the horses like Bart, Opal , Vin Diesel, Amber and Frankie to name a few, make a huge impact on our students here. Learning about assertiveness, boundaries, trust, respect and very importantly teamwork. Jane and her staff are very skilled with our students in connecting these learning experiences in the program with the horses and relating them to how they can put these skills into practice in their own life”.


Youth Case Worker, Links to Learning (Business Education Network)

“At first I was a bit nervous as the horses were so big, but when I finished I was so happy because the horses were so gentle and kind and I realised we couldn’t do our task unless we worked as a team. I felt really good inside because I could do it and I didn’t need to be scared because the horses helped me. It was the best experience I had in my life.”


8 Years Old

“At times I was frustrated because my team, the horse and my team mate, couldn’t do the task. But when we worked together and tried different things we found a way to do it. The feeling of frustration disappeared and we felt really proud of ourselves and excited to move on to the next task. We knew we could do more if we worked the same way again as a team.”


11 Years Old

“I learnt that horses can be much like people in the way they think and feel. I want to come back and learn more.”


13 Years Old

“My horse taught me to accept people’s differences and love them for who they are, including horses.”


14 Years Old

“My horse taught me about trust and cooperation. You learn what the horse does and doesn’t like and to not give up.”


14 Years Old

“This experience has given me the mind-set that with trust and a gentle touch you can achieve anything with anyone. I was able to drop all my general thoughts and problems and focus on the importance of my team and horse.”


15 Years Old

“My horse taught me about perseverance, that there is always another way of doing things. Don’t give up.”


16 Years Old

“Bart taught me to be confident and brave. I built a trusting friendship with him even though he was a little tricky! He trusted me and we built a connection.”


15 Years Old

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