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Confidence. Consciousness. Compassion

We are incredibly passionate about supporting women and families to grow together building confidence, connection and compassion. Our Women’s Retreats bring together small groups of like-minded women to work alongside our magnificent horses. We empower women of all ages to be the best versions of themselves and move forward in life with greater awareness and authenticity.

Through our network of trained Facilitators we also offer Family Herd programs, supporting family groups to ‘unplug’ and build their connection through engaging, impactful (and fun!) sessions with horses. Please contact us directly for further details.

Authentic You Women’s Retreats

Are you looking for passion and balance in your personal and/or professional life? The tools and inspiration to move forward with power and self-belief? Stronger leadership and communication skills? Skills to survive and thrive through life’s inevitable challenges?

Then our women’s retreats are for you! Two incredible days of laughter and learning, working with our beautiful herd of horses and a group of like-minded women to discover the ‘Authentic YOU!’ 

Renew You Women’s Empowerment Series

The Renew You Women’s Empowerment Series is a self-paced, online program guiding women on a gentle yet powerful journey of self-awareness and resilience. You will be empowered to move forward in all areas of your life with confidence, compassion, and courage.

When was the last time you took time to reconnect with the most important person in your life – YOU? Join our ‘herd’ and take the next step to Reconnect, Refresh and Renew YOU!

Renew You 30 Day Challenge

We know all too well how busy and chaotic life can be. Moving from one activity to the next, balancing competing responsibilities, it is often difficult to find time to reconnect with, and appreciate, the things that are truely important.

Our 30 Day Challenge will empower you to do just that! With a range of self-awareness activities, daily reflections and more, this is the perfect opportunity to ‘reset’ and move forward in life with purpose, authenticity and joy! 

Renew You Gratitude Journal

The regular practise of gratitude has incredible benefits for our emotional and physical health. It helps us feel happier, experience more joy, express more compassion and kindness, sleep better and even have stronger immune system. The key is making this a regular habit!

Our downloadable gratitude journal will help you in setting the foundation for a regular practise of gratitude that will help you shift your mindset, strengthen your relationships and find your joy!

Women in the Workplace

Are you looking for a program designed specifically for women in your workplace? Our women’s retreats can be tailored to meet the needs of specific groups of women, for example, to support those re-entering the workplace after any prolonged break including maternity or carers leave.

Our programs empower participants with a focus on authentic leadership, communication, assertiveness, teamwork and inclusion in a neutral, non-threatening environment.

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Women In the Workplace
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