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Leading Edge Life Skills is home to the Australian Campus for Equine Connection – The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning!

In January 2017, Equine Connection expanded and planted roots in Australia! After extensive training, a successful business of her own and hundreds of people helped through the power of her horses – Jane Hemingway-Mohr was the perfect fit and was asked to join the Equine Connection family as their instructor in this part of the world.
So, if you’re interested in our Horse Certification, and you’re located in Australia, New Zealand or even Europe, Jane, together with assistant instructor, Alice Field, are your instructors & mentors for the course!



Become a Certified Facilitator – Working with Horses to Change People’s Lives!

Welcome to a company that cares about you and your success! We don’t just certify people; we work with you to accomplish your success within this horse business field. We are a Global Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Certification and Business Training Course. Specialists with the formula since 2009 to help you to help people to be empowered to move forward in their lives while working with the horse.

Through this powerful Horse Course which just isn’t a wish; it’s a reality, you start your new business with confidence! Live a life you were meant to live with horses and make a living doing what you love! It’s Not Just A Course…It’s A Career!


This is the R-EAL D-EAL! This R-EAL time learning allows a more flexible, suitable option from the comfort of your own home that still allows you to pursue your dream. With two options to learn with our virtual live course or the online training, both include a 3-day hands-on component.

We are passionate! We are invested! We are committed to your every step in succeeding in this incredible venture with horses helping people. Our instructors specialise in creating successful facilitators with the formulation to get your career running right out of the gate with your one-time investment because the course never ends! We are with you forever, and our reputation is your guarantee! See how:


  • Get all the information you need to run actual programs that have been successfully run by 100s of facilitators all across the world AND are backed by a five-year university study!
  • Ready-made business with originally created and proven business package©. Our formula works so you know what to do. We create leaders, to lead others with your ready-made business.
  • The curriculum of programs – Walk away with practical, step-by-step guides on how to run all your programs: Including lesson plans, activities, set up instruction for your outside or indoor arena, materials and the science backing the form of delivery to get results.
  • Insurance is available globally to our certified facilitators.
  • The horse business that will actually MAKE  you money. 
  • Virtual Live Training is 5-days in a row or the Online Training is at your own pace.
  • You’ll not only discover that your horse has way more to say, but you’ll also find yourself forming a new perspective on how brilliant they are at being the teacher. This will help you to better understand the “how-tos” for successfully facilitating your clients!

What do you get with your life-changing certification for success?

If you struggle with any of the following, know you’re in the right place:

  • Are you filled with butterflies and passion every time you think of the possibility that you could be working with horses to help humans?
  • Do you struggle to sleep at night knowing that there must be something more out there for you?
  • The excitement of learning and growing but scared of getting out of your comfort zone?

Our certification ensures that you’re a leader! Equine Connection facilitators are engaged with facilitating to push the boundaries of human development and of working with horses to hear them in their world.

For students who are excited to investigate the most significant issues of the 21st century, Equine Connection offers an unparalleled student experience.

Through case studies, business simulations, and small group discussions, you’ll gain the strategies, tools, and insights to solve your most challenging problems.

As specialists in this industry and leaders in this well-established Certification, we have made it our mission to “partner” with horses versus “using” them as tools.

As you go through this internationally-renowned Certification, you will take a quantum leap in understanding how your horse communicates! We partner with one of the top-ranked universities, Equine Guelph, the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph, to ensure the horse’s welfare is always at the forefront of everything we do.

This isn’t just a one-and-done kind of certification! We give you the formula to success, the how-tos, entrepreneurial training, lifelong support, delivery training, lesson plans, exercises, communication training, AND on top of all of that, helping you discover who your clients will be and how to find them!

This training goes way beyond the 8-days OR the online training you spend with us to get trained – this is a lifestyle, and we treat it that way! It’s not just a course; it’s a career!!

Essential Business Pack – Ready To Move Forward Immediately

Go farther than you thought possible! Start your dream career by having all of your business materials completed, designed and ready to go for you! All of the hard work and guesswork is done! This ‘Essential Business Pack’ will take weeks to go through, having over 1000 items! This ready-made business package will give you; lesson plans, research-based exercises, professionally designed materials, instructions, informational documents, tutorials, textbooks, supply lists, guides with step-by-step action plans, marketing, business setups, classroom preparations, horse knowledge, pricing, retaining clients, videos to use, pictures to use, PowerPoints, the resources available to you are unbeatable and so much more! Understanding from a business perspective that getting into business with our horses is the ideal investment you can make. The expenses that accompany your horses, feed, the vet bills, personal items that are available to use as write-offs! It doesn’t matter if you a not-for-profit, sole proprietor, or a for-profit business owner. No re-creating the wheel and doing it the right way, right out of the gate.

Virtual Live Training – Bring Our Unparalleled Learning Experience To You

“A virtual education program is an all-in experience that allows you to be fully immersed in the learning experience, connect with the world-class instructors in deeply personal conversations, and learn from the best in the field, in the comfort of your own home.”  Mastering the fundamentals. Gain clarity on your purpose as a leader. Driving growth well developing people. This certification isn’t just a life-changing experience for you but also for all the clients you will be working with. Through discovering a renewed understanding of how horses speak to us, we can also gain a deeper insight into our gifts and talents. In-depth learning with the equine-assisted theory component will be mentally and beautifully exhausting. The tutorial videos that you receive will give you the knowledge you need to run programs with your horses without having to wait for the 3-Day Hands-On Training. No travelling costs as you can do it from your home and perform the course around your busy life. You’ll be so excited to start your new career, so we have included some pre-work for you to dive into before your course even begins!

Model: Partnering With Horses – Work With Them, Don’t Use Them

Giving horses a meaningful and purpose-filled job allows them to be the teachers they were destined to be, to bring joy, help, heal, and provide answers for humans! A horse can only think, act and react like a horse. Gain knowledge in what your horse is ‘saying’ and take the guesswork out of understanding them. The horses are PARAMOUNT to your business’s success, and that’s why ensuring that the horse’s Welfare is #1, is our biggest priority! That’s why we put such an emphasis on the physical and mental components of what our horses need in order to be successful teachers. The research is already done on the horse’s language to learn and understand clearly what they are telling us. They are communicating with us all the time, but knowledge in their language of what they are saying sets you above the rest, knowing what these magnificent creatures need now and always. When we understand this, your life will change for the better with anything you do with your horse, as they will figure out very quickly, ‘you get it,’ ‘you now hear them’, and ‘you now understand’.

3-Day Hands-On Training – You’ll Take Part In Dynamic Exercises Led By Our Distinguished Instructors

Horses and programs and programs and horses are all we cover with these invaluable days: experiential learning for you will take you to the next stage of knowing the influence of how the horse teaches and give you an understanding of what your clients are going to feel themselves. Distinctive teaching methodologies. Experiential learning has been termed “the natural way of learning” and defined as the process by which the learner’s experience is reflected upon, from which new insights emerge.

The 3-day training, hands down, is the piece that brings everything together! You will be blown, and I repeat, blown away, with the power of these programs, the form of delivery, the appropriate application, and of course, the stars of the programs, the horses!! The horses are going to take you to a place you’ve never been!! We promise that!! PLUS, you will receive your beautiful certificate and move forward in your programs with confidence!

Support, Training And Aftercare – Essential For A Safe And Productive Learning Environment For All

Our support is second to none! Knowing that you have 24-hour availability to answer all of your ‘Now What?’ questions as they arise. The support goes on forever with this certification without additional costs, all from the comfort of your home. Unprecedented networking opportunities. Keeping you up to date with new findings, materials you can use, and your education in this industry is continuous. You belong to a community that has travelled the road ‘before you’ and ‘with you.’ Accessing these resources will keep you focused on your business to get you to your success. This is the course that keeps on giving!

Getting certified is the first step, but “aftercare” is equally, if not more important. So much information is covered during the course, but you won’t discover what and where you need help until you start applying your knowledge and conducting programs. That’s where our aftercare comes in! To make sure that you aren’t left hanging or on your own! Knowing that you are always a part of an amazing team and being a part of the best family ever will give you continuous motivation for SUCCESS! PRICELESS!

In addition to walking away with practical, step-by-step guides to run real programs, you will gain;

  • Membership to the EAL Network, the governing body for Equine Connection Certified Facilitators, that assures a global standard of excellence and Code of Ethics for all facilitators, their horses and clients.
  • Equine Connection is governed by a set of community values that foster honesty, integrity, and responsibility for one’s actions. EC considers these values essential for a safe and productive learning environment for all.
  • Invitation to attend the annual conference in either the northern or southern hemispheres, providing opportunities for continuing education and networking.
  • Ongoing support, networking and collaboration via our online platform ‘Workplace’ with 24-hour availability.
  • Detailed tutorials, regular virtual ‘live’ sessions and webinars.
  • Want to retake or do the course again? It’s FREE to do just that with maintaining your qualifications of being certified.

Southern Hemisphere Dates 2022


Virtual Live Training

  • March 7 – 11 (8am – 1pm daily)
  • June 27 – July 1 (4pm – 9pm daily)
  • October 10 – 14 (8am – 1pm daily)




On-site Practical Training

  • March 14 – 16
  • July 4 – 6
  • October 17 – 19

We guarantee an experience with life-changing outcomes, knowing how to use your certification and supply you with something you’ve never experienced that differs from your traditional equine learning and execute immediately. Fulfil your destiny today!

  • Credentials: Contracts and master agreements with Siksika Youth Medicine Lodge, Calgary Board of Education, Next Step Ministries, Discovery House and Calgary Dream Centre.
  • The welfare of the horse is paramount! We are proud to be partnering with Equine Guelph (Centre at the University of Guelph) to promote the welfare of the horse in this well-established certification through the new Certificate with Distinction Program.
  • Becoming an expert in days does not exist, but you can become an expert with a certification that continually trains and develops you as a facilitator and business person.
  • Pre and post work from the comfort of your own home.
  • Entrepreneurial training in how to set up and run your business.
  • The horse business that will actually MAKE you money.
    – How to make your investment back (ROI)
    – How to get your clients and retain them
    – How to run your equine assisted business with results
    – How to market your business to your community
    – All the do’s and don’ts in this field
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