Comments and Reflections

“My horse taught me to slow my communication and choose my words consciously. Also to be aware of my integrity and what energy I am holding because others always feel it.”


“I was very nervous of horses to begin with and this was a big step to place myself in this situation. Working with Jane and Alice helped me overcome my fear and I believe the horses create a ‘special place’ in the activity. They can be very relaxed and quiet, even though they are so big! We learnt to focus as a team and to respect boundaries.”


“I learnt that it is so important to give strong direction so the horse and other ‘human’ team members feel safe. If I am confident in my directions and actions they will be too.”


“I am learning more and more that horses reflect the same personalities that exist within humans! Today’s experience taught me that sometimes difficult personalities will cross my path and it’s about using my own attitude to learn how to deal with theirs.”


“My horse taught me to take ownership and think about the bigger picture. I saw the positive impact of showing love, compassion and patience under pressure.  Sometimes we need to stop and reassess the situation. It was a great reminder life is about having fun!”


“I was reminded of the importance of having patience with team members, to relax and respect other members of the team. It’s important to listen hard, communicate clearly and not to make assumptions.”


“I learnt to be confident and not be intimidate by size. To always be honest and genuine with how you think and feel and to use this honesty to build up your self-confidence.”


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