'Authentic You' Women's Retreats

‘Authentic You’ Women’s Retreats

Be true. Be Authentic. Be You!

Join a group of like-minded women on an empowering journey, learning to move forward in life with courage, joy and authenticity. Real, sustainable change comes only when you discover the answers yourself. Our retreats give you the guidance and support to find your own self-truths.

How? Our unique approach harnesses the immense power of horses. Over two days, your four-legged ‘team mates’ accept you without judgment, concern for your history or preconceived ideas of who you are. They respond to your energy, intentions, actions and body language. If you are brave enough to really ‘listen’ to their unique feedback, horses provide powerful insights into who we really are. They will guide you to self-knowledge and a calmness and strength that will change your life. When we know our starting point, we can focus on building the skills we need to thrive.

Retreats are for all women, and especially for those who:

  • Seek passion in their personal and/or work life
  • Are looking for the tools and inspiration to move forward with power and self-belief
  • Strive for balance and inner peace
  • Are looking to develop their ‘inner leader’ through assertiveness and communication skills
  • Struggle privately with any of life’s challenges

Your Retreat – Horses To Guide You To Find YOUR Authentic YOU!


Limited places available for our final retreat of 2020!

Friday, November 13th & Saturday, November 14th – Click ‘Book Now!’ to secure your place!


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