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Our Young Leaders programs support students in developing the self-management and interpersonal skills they need to become empowered, self-confident and resilient young people. Our programs align with the Health, Wellbeing & Relationships content strand of the PHPE curriculum and have been designed in partnership with NSW educators and endorsed by child & adolescent mental health professionals. 

Horses are exceptional teachers when it comes to developing life and leadership skills for young people. We offer a range of online and in-person programs tailored to meet the specific needs of schools and youth organisations. The horses do the teaching alongside specially trained facilitators who help participants parallel this learning to their everyday lives, improving outcomes and ensuring that learning is transferred to all areas of their lives. This unique, experiential approach to learning creates immediate and lasting change.

Online Programs

Our innovative online programs take the lessons learned with our horses and bring these to students in the classroom. Through a range of interactive and tangible learning tools, students are supported in developing core leadership and life skills in an engaging and enjoyable way. 

BeYou@School – Empowerment Program

This unique online program has been designed to complement school’s PDHPE, Wellbeing, Peer Group or Pastoral Care programs. The 6 – 12 week program includes detailed lesson plans, content videos and interactive learning tools in a complete, ready-to-go package for Educators.

The program meets required learning outcomes within the NSW PDHPE syllabus for Stage 4 students and flexible delivery options allow for lessons to be taught in class, via video conferencing or through self-directed study at home. There is also the option to pair each of the six lesson with a 90-minute in-person session with horses.

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In-Person Programs

We offer a range of programs for Schools and Youth Organisations from our beautiful bushland setting in Terrey Hills, located 25 mins from the CBD on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches. Students work in small teams alongside our magnificent horse ‘teachers’ and experienced coaches help participants take the lessons they have learned with the horses and parallel these back to everyday life. The parallels drawn to everyday situations have profound and lasting benefits for positive change. No prior experience is necessary and there is no riding, participants partner with their horse from the ground.

Young Leaders Programs


Our in-person ‘Young Leaders programs are ideal for young people in leadership roles or demonstrating leadership potential at school, in sports or other extra-curricular activities.

As herd animals, horses role model clear, effective and authentic leadership. They intuitively seek this in order to feel safe and secure when working alongside our student participants. Our programs support students in developing valuable leadership skills including clear communication, appropriate assertiveness, resilience, kindness and empathy to become the leader the horse seeks. When the horse feels safe, cooperation is a hundred fold and students immediately see the impact of their leadership skills. 


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