Young Leaders

Confidence. Consciousness. Compassion

Our unique and interactive programs provide a powerful journey of learning and understanding. We work with schools, youth organisations and individuals, providing an opportunity for participants to work alongside our magnificent horse ‘teachers’.

Young people learn from horses in a way that involves them mentally, physically and emotionally, creating immediate change through experiential learning.

How? Our unique approach harnesses the immense power of horses who accept participants without judgment. They respond to energy, intentions, actions and body language. If you are brave enough to really ‘listen’ to their feedback, horses help you become the best version of your unique and wonderful self!

No prior experience necessary – no riding – participants partner with their horse from the ground.

Authentic Leaders

Our ‘Authentic Leaders’ programmes are ideal for those in leadership roles, demonstrating leadership potential or looking to develop their leadership skills at school, in sports or other extra-curricular activities.

Embracing Change

Our ‘Embracing Change’ programmes support young people in developing the skills needed to manage change and transitions. For example, the move from primary to high school or preparing to enter the workforce or further studies.

Be Kinder – Anti-bullying Programmes

Our ‘Be Kinder’ programmes have been specifically structured to develop self-esteem, assertiveness and communication skills in an inclusive, neutral environment. The program helps address issues of bullying.

Engage & Empower for Positive Change – Youth at Risk Programmes

Our ‘Engage & Empower’ programmes support youth identified as at risk of disengagement. Programs develop self-awareness, leadership, accountability and teamwork.

‘Authentic You’ Teen Girls

Our ‘Be You’ programmes have been specifically designed for young women, empowering them to move forward in life  by developing self-awareness, healthy relationships and communication and leadership skills.
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