Renew You

Women’s Empowerment Series

Rediscover. Refresh. Reconnect

Hello friends!

I’m Jane, founder of Leading Edge Life Skills where we work with our magnificent horse partners to help people build self-awareness and self-compassion and move forward in life with genuine joy!

I’m so excited to share my incredible learnings with you through the ‘Renew You’ Women’s Series! Our program takes the lessons we have learned through hundreds of client sessions with our horses and brings these to life for you at home.

When I started Leading Edge, I was looking for something in my own life. While I loved the joys and challenges of motherhood and family life and the stimulation of my corporate career, I knew there had to be a way to have a better life balance. I was feeling overwhelmed, restless and uncertain. 

Horses have always been my true passion, just being with horses had an immensely positive effect on me and I noticed on other people too. After much reflection, soul searching and research I discovered the powerful field of horse assisted personal development – and so Leading Edge was born.

The process of finding my joy and passion in life was not an easy one! That’s why I created this series – to help women like you stop, reflect and move forward in life with confidence and joy!

Join us to Rediscover, Refresh and Reconnect – enjoy the ride!

Jane xx

At Leading Edge Life Skills, we believe nothing is more important than supporting women of all ages to be the best versions of themselves.

The ‘Renew You’ Women’s Empowerment Series has been designed to support you in doing just that!

In your work life, home life and all other areas, you will be empowered to move forward in life with confidence, consciousness and compassion.

Strengthen your relationships!

Find your inspiration and purpose!

Move forward with confidence & joy!

Your ‘Renew You – Women’s Empowerment’ Series includes:


🌸 Access to our flagship women’s empowerment program including six downloadable workbooks that guide you each step of the way

🌸 Online access to the Leading Edge Life Skills University – access material anywhere, anytime!

🌸 An introduction and welcome from Founder and Senior Leadership Coach, Jane Hemingway-Mohr

🌸 Option to purchase a hard copy of the workbook

How are we different? HORSES are our teachers!

Throughout time the relationship between horses and humans has been a special one. If we take the time to really listen, there is an incredible amount that we can learn from the nature and ‘way’ of the horse. They really can help us to become the very best version of ourselves!

What can a horse teach you that a human can’t?


🌸 Horses are self-aware, confident and accepting of themselves and others, just as they are.

🌸 Horses feedback is honest, instant and without judgement. They communicate clearly and directly.

🌸 Horses have natural herd behaviours that require trust, respect and teamwork from their herd.

🌸 Horses respond to confusion and frustration, setting clear boundaries when needed.

🌸 Horses are grounded in the present moment, they are not worried about the past or future.

Real, sustainable change comes only when you discover the answers yourself.

‘Renew You’ gives you the support to find your own self truths. You will be supported on a powerful journey of self-discovery, building your self-awareness and resilience, ultimately laying the foundation for you to find your true ‘inner-leader’.