Client Comments and Reflections

“We worked with Leading Edge Life Skills to design a leadership development activity for our emerging leaders that were participating in a Leadership bootcamp. The goal of this program was to accelerate the effectiveness of our leadership teams capability via building their skills in being more collaborative, having courageous conversations and commitment as a leadership team. The activities that we undertook with the horses powerfully and uniquely showed the team what it means to be a leader, how to work as a team and how important it is to inspire others. It was a perfect foundational activity to commence conversations about a leaders impact on others, the power in communication and the strength in team work. I highly recommend this activity as a unique way to expand an individual’s thinking about their personal leadership style and their impact on others”


HR Director Oceania, Beam Suntory

“Today I learnt the importance of clear communication in a team and how important it is not to send mixed messages”.


Head of Portfolio and Planning, Group Operations, Westpac Banking Corporation

“Overcome your fears, empower and trust, and lead by example”


Westpac Banking Corporation

“Listening and feedback are essential components of achieving goals when working in a team.”


Westpac Banking Corporation

“It’s okay to break the rules and think outside the box. Look forward to the future and not in the past.”


Westpac Banking Corporation

“I learnt to be aware of my surroundings. Sometimes you become so focused on a task that you forget to see or observe the external factors that impact you and by extension the task.”


Westpac Banking Corporation

“Today provided an incredible opportunity for us to gain deeper insight into our team. The activities really highlighted our team dynamics and how we interact. The day also helped us gain a better understanding of the different personalities and communication styles of our team members.”


Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

“This workshop is more about self-experiencing and discovery versus just doing what we are taught.”


The Boston Consulting Group

“It is really interesting how we can relate the exercises (with the horses) to day to day work situations and even our personal life.”


The Boston Consulting Group

“Stepping out of the usual environment and still being able to apply every day skills. Working with the horses was completely different to anything I experienced in other programs.”


The Boston Consulting Group

“The best part about today’s experience was the personal insight into our own inner “leader”.


The Boston Consulting Group

“The program highlighted awareness of really listening to others and the importance of team cooperation. The debrief was insightful.”


CEO, Good2Give

“It was more challenging than expected as the horses have their own personality and behaviours. Interacting with the horses and learning how their reactions relate to us was fascinating.”



“Seeing other people’s communication styles highlighted by the horses. It was totally different experience and really helpful.”


Sentinel Wealth

“Connecting with another creature helped focus less on competitiveness and more on communication and connection with our team.”


Sentinel Wealth

“The horses really bring everyone together as a team. I particularly enjoyed hearing the responses during the debrief. This was a great experience for all of our staff.”


Top Dog (CEO), Assistance Dogs Australia

“I loved the chance to be around animals with colleagues. The horse centres and calms any challenges or personality friction in a way that cannot happen with humans alone.”


Assistance Dogs Australia

“I realised it is important not to overthink things or take things personally”.


Trainer, Facilitator and Coach, The Colin James Method

“Thank you, Bart. You taught me to admire patience and tolerance in others…and to not be so hard on myself.”


Journalist, ABC

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