“Of all the life skills available to us, communication is perhaps the most empowering”
– Brett Morrison,  Actor

Skills Development with a difference!

Leading Edge Life Skills offers a unique and innovative approach to skills development based on the concept of Experiential Learning, where horses are the teachers.  Our programs are based on the researched and proven success of The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning’s Building Block ™ curriculum.

All Leading Edge Life Skills facilitators are certified by Equine Connection International and accredited by The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning.

In addition, as the market leader in Australia, Leading Edge Life Skills is owned and operated by the only Senior Facilitator and Certified Instructor for Equine Connection International in the Southern Hemisphere.  We run multiple certification courses for future Equine Assisted Learning facilitators each year.

How does the Equine Assisted Learning Building Block program work?

This program aims to build a range of life and leadership skills through experiential learning with horses. Participants are assigned into small teams of two or three and one horse. Together, through positive interaction and teamwork, the team tackles various tasks to achieve a specific objective.

How do we guide you through the program?

Our qualified facilitators, together with our experienced and gentle team of horses, guide you and your group through each team building program. A facilitator guides the entire process and ensures that each team member is involved in some capacity throughout the activity. The role of the facilitator is not to direct or teach, but simply to guide the participants to discover their own way through the task.

Each program has a specific objective and can be tailored to suit your group or company goals.

Where did the Equine Assisted Learning Building Block™ program come from?

The EAL Building Block ™ program originated in North America – where it is still successfully used to promote positive relationships and team building in the workplace.

It is relatively new concept to Australia, and so there are only nine qualified instructors in the country. We receive ongoing support from Equine Connection International, and The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, Strathmore, AB, Canada so we can continue to provide the most up-to-date learning experience for our clients.

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