“There are no limits to what we, as women, can accomplish”
– Michelle Obama

Be True. Be Authentic. Be You!

We are beautiful, we are strong and we are courageous when we know exactly who we are and where we are going!

The world is full books, courses and workshops promising to help you find your true value and purpose. Sometimes you are inspired for a while but it doesn’t last. Sometimes nothing changes at all.

That’s why we created our “Authentic You Australia” retreat differently.

We don’t promise that you wake up a different person or that we’ll give you all the answers to life’s troubling questions. We both know that doesn’t work. Real change doesn’t happen when others give you the answers. Real, sustainable change comes when you discover the answers yourself. Our retreats give you the guidance, the “coach,” and the venue to allow you to find your own self-truths. To inspire you to move forward in life with confidence, joy, courage and authenticity.


Retreats are for all women, and especially for those who:

  • Seek passion in their personal and/or work life
  • Are looking for the tools and inspiration to move forward with power and self-belief
  • Strive for balance and inner peace
  • Are looking to develop their ‘inner leader’ through assertiveness and communication skills
  • Struggle privately with any of life’s challenges


Our coaches are four-legged ones who greet you without judgment, without concern for your history, and without preconceived ideas of who or what you are. They will guide you to self-knowledge and a calmness and strength that will change your life.

Your Retreat – Horses To Guide You To Find YOUR Authentic YOU!

Only $495!  (10% discount for booking before Mothers Day – 12th May!)

Take the Steps to Make Your Change Now

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Each Two-Day Retreat Includes:

  • Small group environment for optimal learning
  • Your personal success guide and direction book
  • Four Authentic You personal development sessions with our magnificent horses
  • Personal communication style awareness session and activities
  • Reflection, empowerment and journaling activities
  • Daily morning/afternoon tea and catered lunch
  • ‘Food for thought’ deck of cards for daily inspiration
  • A fantastic two days of fun, networking and unforgettable learning!


Corporate Womens Programs

Our Corporate Womens Programs are designed for groups of women at any level within the workplace for example, support those re-entering the workplace after any prolonged break or up and coming female leaders. Workshops build self-confidence, authenticity and empower participants. Contents can be tailored to the needs of different groups, with a focus on skills such as communication, assertiveness, leadership, teamwork and inclusion in a neutral, non-threatening environment.

Research & Media

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