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Jane Hemingway-Mohr

Jane is an expert in authentic leadership development, combining her lifelong passion for, understanding of and extensive training in everything horses with her long history of corporate leadership experience both in Australia and internationally. Over the past several years, Jane has immersed herself in the world of equine assisted learning and all that she can learn from horses about herself and others.  Applying this in her leadership training brings a whole new depth and dimension to professional development.

After establishing her own performance horse facility in Sydney, Jane soon realised that there was much more to being with her equine partners than riding and ribbons. Keen to share this special insight with a broader range of people, she qualified as an Equine Assisted Learning facilitator with Equine Connection Inc – The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, and established Leading Edge Life Skills. With the success of her own business, Jane was invited by Equine Connection to become the only certified instructor in the southern hemisphere for Equine Connection and underwent intensive training at their headquarters in Canada. Together Jane and her team – both human and horse – have hosted personal and professional development programs and workshops for literally hundreds of individuals. 

Previously, Jane worked in corporate marketing and public relations in Australia, Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific. Jane was a marketing communications manager for SAP Software at their head office in Waldorf, Germany. She was responsible for the Asia Pacific region and helped launch SAP in China over 20 years ago. After returning to Australia, Jane has had various marketing and public relations roles in both corporate companies and consultancies, including Minter Ellison Lawyers, Growing Daily Public Relations and Kardan Consulting and has worked with clients from various industries including banking and finance, engineering, consumer and retail as well as not-for-profit organisations.

Jane believes that horses are the ultimate life coaches, as they provide honest, immediate and unbiased responses to individual and group energy, intention, actions and body language. She says, “Quite simply, horses help people become better humans.”

Jane is a riding coach and competitive show jumping rider. She is married, has four children, three dogs, three cats and too many horses!




Alice Field

Alice’s expertise lies in Corporate Human Resources with a focus on Learning & Development and Leadership. She completed the Equine Connection Inc Facilitator course in 2017, enabling her to combine her past business experience with her life long passion for horses. Shortly after Alice joined the Leading Edge team as the Director of Business Development. In 2018 she undertook further training to fulfil the role of Assistant Instructor with the Equine Connection Sydney campus. 

Working across all our programs, Alice is passionate about ensuring our clients achieve genuine and sustainable growth opportunities through our experiential learning based curriculum. She brings a wealth of experience in skill development having supported clients through the design and facilitation of programs to build skills such as Leadership, Management, Communication Negotiation and Team Building.

Prior to joining the team, Alice was Vice President, Human Resources at the Macquarie Group in New York and Sydney. Through her career she has held a number of HR Business Partner and HR Specialist roles for leading Investment Banks including UBS and Barclays. She started her career in Australia, before spending over 10 years based in the US, UK and Middle East.

Alice is an accredited NCAS riding Coach and when not in the office she enjoys riding and spending time with the horses.


Jenny Austin

Jenny is the owner and manager of Taronnah, our newest Leading Edge Life Skills venue. With its exceptional facilities, including a full size indoor arena, we are able to broaden our capacity to provide life changing skill development programs for young people and adults.

Jenny and her husband Dave have been married for over 16 years and they have 3 terrific teenage children who enjoy being outdoors riding their mountain bikes and their horses. In addition to their own children, Dave & Jenny have had the privilege of being short-term foster carers for many treasured babies over the last couple of decades. They have a heart for children and are passionate about providing a loving and supportive family environment for those who need it most. Jenny is an avid reader and is always on the look out for new and exciting adventures for she and Dave, their kids and of course their animals!


Opal is a beautiful black Australian Stock Horse mare. She is an extremely versatile little horse, having done cattle work, sporting, dressage and show jumping. Opal is highly intelligent and very friendly. She enjoys hanging out with her two legged friends especially when there are carrots involved! Opal had her first foal – a bay colt – in October 2013. Her baby is now taller than her! Opal is enjoying being an EAL horse and has a lot to teach us humans.


Bart is the character of the stables. His cheeky lovable nature wins him friends of all ages. He is a white (called grey in the equestrian world) Australian Stock Horse gelding with unusual black splashes on his left ear and down his neck. Bart survived a major operation in early 2014 to remove a large benign tumour from his stomach. He has recovered so well and is indeed more spritely than ever. When he is not being an EAL horse, Bart is a super competitive show jumping horse, helping his 11 year old rider win many ribbons.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel or “Vinnie” as he is affectionately known, is a very special boy. He came to us after his young owner passed away in a tragic accident. They had such a special partnership that her parents could not bear to see anyone else riding him. However, they wanted him to have purpose and have given him to us so he can help other people. Vinnie is an absolute darling and an amazing communicator.

Calvin Clyde

Cal is our beautiful Clydesdale cross gelding – our gentle giant. With his striking blaze and socks, he looks like a Budweiser horse! Despite his size, he is a super jumping and dressage horse. Cal has a great sense of humour and always makes everyone laugh.


Our beautiful blonde Hannovarian mare is named after the iconic Kylie Minogue. Kylie was once the horse of Australian Olympic 3 Day Event rider, Stuart Tinney. She is now a successful Junior Show Jumper and an EAL horse. Kylie is a mum herself and is very sweet and nurturing.


Frankie is really part of the management team. Standing at a mighty 8 hands high (approximately 80 cm) at the shoulder, his job is to charm our clients with his cuteness and be our model for our horse body language and safety demonstrations. People often ask will Frankie grow any more as he is so small, but he is actually quite an elderly gentleman so has reached his full height. He is a miniature pony – considerably smaller than the well-known Shetland pony. You may recognise Frankie from his starring role in the recent TV commercial for Yates Lawn Food.

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