“The horses really bring everyone together as a team…This was a great experience for all of our staff.”
– Richard Lord, CEO

Client Comments

Good2Give (formerly CAF Australia)

“The program highlighted awareness of really listening to others and the importance of team cooperation.
The debrief was insightful.”

Lisa Grinham
CEO, Good2Give

“Very unique and different team building activity. For me, interacting with an animal that I had always been afraid of was challenging. The horse made you interact with the team in a different way.”

Assistant Accountant, Good2Give

“Today was unique and different. I loved learning more about my team, and the horses.”

Elena Mace
Client Service Officer, Good2Give


“Your program was AWESOME!”

Nashad Naik
Consultant, Good2Give


“It was more challenging than expected as the horses have their own personality and behaviours. Interacting with the horses and learning how their reactions relate to us was fascinating.”

Client Services Officer, Good2Give

“Team building and effective communication.
Being outdoors and with the horses. Exceptional experience.”

Shikha Dutta
Client Service Officer, Good2Give

“The program really exceeded my expectations.”

EA, Good2Give


“This was a really different way of interacting with each other.”

Client Relations, Good2Give


Sentinel Wealth

“The horses add a unique element to this team building activity.”

Justin Hooper
Managing Director, Sentinel Wealth


“Seeing other people’s communication styles highlighted by the horses. It was totally different experience and really helpful.”

Melissa Oliver
Sentinel Wealth

“Connecting with another creature helped focus less on competitiveness and more on communication and connection with our team.”

Diane Smith
Sentinel Wealth


Assistance Dogs Australia

“Very unique team building experience and more exciting than being in a classroom environment.
It was great fun!”

Juli Tristram
Database and Supporter Realations Executive, Assistance Dogs Australia

“Compared to other team building activities, it is a lot more exciting and requires total participation and engagement.”

NSW Puppy Educator Supervisor, Assistance Dogs Australia

“Today was brilliant! I loved being together as a team with the horses, they add an extra dimension.”

Laura Catherall
Communications and Public Relations, Assistance Dogs Australia


“The horses really bring everyone together as a team. I particularly enjoyed hearing the responses during the debrief.
This was a great experience for all of our staff.”

Richard Lord
Top Dog (CEO), Assistance Dogs Australia

“I loved the chance to be around animals with colleagues.
The horse centres and calms any challenges or personality friction in a way that cannot happen with humans alone.”

Fiona Corner
Manager, Assistance Dogs Australia

“Such a fun and educational day – left me wanting more!”

Rose Lobos
Dog Trainer, Assistance Dogs Australia


“The program really made me appreciate my workmates.”

Lisa Moore
Programs Assistant, Assistance Dogs Australia


“Being in close contact with the horse made the day very memorable.”

Erika Spicer
Office Manager, Assistance Dogs Australia


Youth Groups

“I was quite nervous at the start as I don’t have much to do with horses. But as we got into the task, I almost forgot Bart was a horse as he was so much part of the team. I really enjoyed the day and forgot all my anxieties.”

Christabelle Guvlekjian
High School Student

“I really enjoyed the communication aspect of the program. At first we had trouble getting our horse to complete the task and we all had a different idea on what we should do. It taught us to stop and listen to each other and try the other teammates’ ideas. It was fun too!”

Oliver Poiner
University Student

Family Groups

“Our horse was our mediator.”

Toula Petropoulos
Business Owner, Mother of teenage daughter


“Mum and I would make a plan but then have to change it for our horse.
It was like being with my little brother.”

Hannah Rogers
High School Student

When asked about the best part of the day, our horses were often the stars…

“Opal, it was great to spend time with such a relaxed horse.”

Sentinel Wealth


“Connecting with Bart”

Sentinel Wealth


“Interaction with Opal and experiencing hands on learning.”

Juli Tristram
Database and Supporter Realations Executive, Assistance Dogs Australia


“The horses.”

National Programs Manager, Assistance Dogs Australia


“Bart is lovely.”

K. Saran
Senior Instructor, Assistance Dogs Australia


“Very impressed with the horses, staff and facilities.”

Fiona Corner
Manager, Assistance Dogs Australia


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